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Project Roadmap

v.0.1.x - Basic Scenario

  • Create a state storage (AWS S3+Dynamo) for infrastructure resources
  • Deploy a Kubernetes(Minikube) in AWS using default VPC
  • Provision Kubernetes with addons: Ingress-Nginx, Load Balancer, Cert-Manager, ExtDNS, ArgoCD
  • Deploy a sample "WordPress" application to Kubernetes cluster using ArgoCD
  • Delivered as GitHub Actions and Docker Image

v0.2.x - Bash-based PoC

  • Deliver with cluster creation a default DNS sub-zone: *
  • Create a backend to register newly created clusters
  • Support for GitLab CI Pipelines
  • ArgoCD sample applications (raw manifests, local helm chart, public helm chart)
  • Support for DigitalOcean Kubernetes cluster 59
  • DigitalOcean Domains sub-zones 65
  • AWS EKS provisioning. Spot and Mixed ASG support.
  • Support for Operator Lifecycle Manager

v0.3.x - Go-based Beta

  • Go-based reconciler
  • External secrets management with Sops and godaddy/kubernetes-external-secrets
  • Team and user management with Keycloak
  • Apps deployment: Kubernetes Dashboard, Grafana and Kibana.
  • OIDC access to kubeconfig with Keycloak and jetstack/kube-oidc-proxy/ 53
  • SSO access to ArgoCD and base applications: Kubernetes Dashboard, Grafana, Kibana
  • OIDC integration with GitHub, GitLab, Google Auth, Okta


  • CLI Installer 54
  • Add GitHub runner and test GitHub Action Continuous Integration workflow
  • Argo Workflows for DAG and CI tasks inside Kubernetes cluster
  • Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes (GKE) support
  • Custom Terraform modules and reconcilation
  • Kind provisioner


  • kops provisioner support
  • k3s provisioner
  • Cost $$$ estimation during installation
  • Web user interface design


  • Rancher RKE provisioner support
  • Multi-cluster support for user management and SSO
  • Multi-cluster support for ArgoCD
  • Crossplane integration