The only manager
for Cloud Native infrastructures started as an in-house SHALB project

Over the years, SHALB has successfully implemented over 100 infrastructures of different complexity.

The skills and knowledge that we have developed along the way inspired us to create a tool that could help automate a large part of DevOps services that we offer. This is how the idea of assumed its shape.

So, we started primarily to address our own challenges. Soon after, inspired by warm feedback, we decided to open source it to the world.

Currently we invest in the product our time, hire third-party employees, and engage the open source community in development of basic features. After all, we are interested in enhancement as no one else, as long as it helps tackle our own pain points!

With you receive
  • High-tech product that aligns with latest DevOps trends
  • Expertise and backing of a financially reliable company
  • Strong in-house team of developers
  • Open source community support
  • Flexibility in choosing tools and technologies, no vendor lock-in is being developed and backed
by an awesome team of professionals.

The core of the team is made up of 16 people, including architects, software and webUI developers, designers and marketing staff, all of them enthusiastic and passionate about their job. Please meet our heroes!

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