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Global Expansion Seekers

Facilitate our intelligent solution to grow your global presence. Expand your international reach effortlessly with’s templates and automated infrastructure deployments, making your expansion plans a reality.

  • Easily deploy your product to multiple regions 
  • Automate launch of new environments
  • Scale efficiently as your clientele grows Solves Multiple Problems for Global Expansion Seekers

Challenge Solution
Slow and cumbersome stack replication: To become a global SaaS company, quickly launching standard environments to onboard new customers is vital. Without infrastructure codification, manual reproduction of stack configuration is both slow and error-prone. is an infrastructure automation tool that codifies cloud infrastructure and saves it as a blueprint in the customer's repository. Using the blueprint as a reference, you can easily spawn as many identical environments as you need.
Hindrance to scaling: As software vendors grow their user base, deploying across multiple cloud accounts becomes complex. Traditional methods can't efficiently manage large-scale deployments, which affects client experience.
As a cloud native tool, provides auto scaling options out of the box, ensuring efficient handling of load spikes, saving customer’s money, and providing unlimited potential for business growth.

How It Works

1. Scalability and Resource Management offers automated resource scaling based on demand. Global expansion seekers can efficiently allocate resources, ensuring they have the right capacity to meet client needs.
2. Automated Deployment
Our platform streamlines software deployment and orchestration. Global expansion seekers can set up infrastructure templates and quickly deploy applications, reducing manual effort.
3. Cost Optimization dynamically manages resource allocation, optimizing cost-efficiency. This prevents resource waste and helps deliver cost-effective services.
4. Infrastructure Customization
Global expansion seekers can customize infrastructure setups to align with client requirements. This tailored approach enhances client satisfaction and loyalty.
5. Accelerated Time-to-Market expedites time-to-market for cloud services. Global expansion seekers can rapidly deploy complex infrastructures, reducing the time needed to offer new services to clients.

Our Clients & Reviews

Problem: Old infrastructure was hard to manage as it was not fully described in code. What has been described didn’t match the real configuration.
Solution: The infrastructure has been transitioned under management. All working is done via infrastructure repository, ensuring exact correspondence of code to infrastructure.
Problem: Highload customer websites needed a new infrastructure with dynamic resource allocation, deployed on a cloud with affordable prices.
Solution: has been customized for working with DigitalOcean cloud provider. A dedicated template has been designed to deploy a fault-tolerant infrastructure for WordPress.
Problem: Backendless faced the challenge of adapting a platform for a growing number of enterprise customers utilizing public cloud services.
Solution: The templating solution enabled the Backendless team to swiftly deploy their enterprise SaaS in customers' cloud accounts while integrating seamlessly with the company’s essential services.
Ewa finance
Ewa finance
Problem: Each project needed a separate infrastructure for prod, dev and stage, with the possibility to shut down dev and stage infras beyond working time to save costs.
Solution: We used one of the stack templates to replicate the environments. The template spins up fully provisioned infras in different AWS accounts and shuts them down when needed.

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