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What is it? is the cloud-native infrastructure orchestration framework. It is an open-source system delivered as a runtime inside Docker container.

It is used for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters along with cloud resources like networks, domains and users with pre-defined Terraform modules. The orchestration is performed with simple manifests by GitOps approach and is designed to run inside the GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket pipelines.

Resulting infrastructures have a "ready to use" Continuous Deployment systems that could deploy manifests, Helm charts and Kustomize using ArgoCD.

Best-in-class automation and proven practices guarantee availability, scalability, and compliance with the most demanding data security and privacy standards. Designed for developers who are bored to configure cloud-native stack and just need infrastructure in code, kubeconfig, CD, dashboard, logging and monitoring out-of-the-box.

Principle diagram diagram

How it works

In the background:

  • Infrastructures are described as simple infrastructure manifests and are stored in a Git repository.
  • Infrastructure changes are watched by GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket pipeline and trigger the launch of the reconciler tool.
  • Reconciler tool generates Terraform variables files and performs ordered invoking for the modules.
  • Terraform creates a "state bucket" in your Cloud Provider account where all infrastructure objects and configs are stored. Typically it is defined on Cloud Object Storage like AWS S3.
  • Terraform modules create Minikube/EKS/GKE/etc.. cluster, VPC and DNS zone within your Cloud Provider.
  • Kubernetes addons module deploys: Ingress controller, Cert-Manager, External DNS, ArgoCD, Keycloak, etc..
  • ArgoCD continuous deployment system watches remote Git repositories and deploys your applications from raw manifests, Helm charts or Kustomize yamls.

You receive:

  • Automatically generated kubeconfig, ArgoCD UI URL's.
  • Pre-configured: VPC, Networks, Domains, Security groups, Users, etc..
  • Deployed inside Kubernetes: Ingress Load Balancers, Kubernetes Dashboard, Logging (ELK), Monitoring (Prometheus/Grafana).


  • Based on DevOps and SRE best-practices.
  • Simple CI/CD integration.
  • GitOps cluster management and application delivery.
  • Automated provisioning of Kubernetes clusters in AWS, DO and GCE(in progress).


The project is in Alpha Stage. You can check its progress and upcoming features on the roadmap page.