Kubernetes-based Dev Environments with GitOps

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Cluster.dev - Kubernetes-based Dev Environment in Minutes

Cluster.dev is an open-source system delivered as GitHub Action or Docker Image for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters with simple manifests by GitOps approach.

Designed for developers that are bored to configure Kubernetes stuff and just need: kubeconfig, dashboard, logging and monitoring out-of-the-box.

Based on DevOps and SRE best-practices. GitOps cluster management and application delivery. Simple CI/CD integration. Easily extendable by pre-configured applications and modules. Supports different Cloud Providers and Kubernetes versions.

Principle diagram

cluster.dev diagram

How it works

In background:

You receive:

Quick Start

Sample manifest to create a cluster:

  name: minikube-a
    provider: aws
    region: eu-central-1
    vpc: default
    domain: shalb.net
      type: minikube
      instanceType: m5.large

You can find the complete sample in our GitHub Repo/Quick Start


The project is in Alpha Stage. Roadmap details: ROADMAP


If you want to spread the project with your own code, you can start contributing with this quick guide: CONTRIBUTING