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Enterprise B2B SaaS

Turn your B2B SaaS into an enterprise-grade software, allowing it to be deployed to customer premises.

  • Safety of customer data
  • Super fast and frictionless start for customers
  • Cloud-agnostic single сlick installation
  • Compliance with enterprise-grade standards Solves Multiple Challenges for SaaS

Challenge Solution
Data safety and compliance: In traditional SaaS, an infrastructure is shared among different customers in a public cloud. This poses data security risks, raising concerns in enterprise clients.
Our B2B SaaS software solution instills confidence in key clients about data security. It enables them to deploy a SaaS instance in their own cloud accounts while seamlessly integrating with existing services.
Expanding global presence: A growing software business must swiftly deploy standard systems for customers in various geographic areas. Whatever your industry, the inability to do so hampers global integration plans and impacts user experience.'s automated templating engine enables software vendors achieve swift and idempotent infrastructure deployments across different environments and cloud regions. 
Scaling and multitenancy: Scaling software across a growing customer base can strain resources and increase risks of downtime.
Auto-scaling and resource optimization: enables multitenancy and automated scaling to optimizes resource usage, ensuring efficient scaling as your customer base grows.

How It Works

1. Infrastructure Templating
Create reusable infrastructure templates that define the ideal environment for your software.
2. Testing and Validation
Use to spin up isolated testing environments mirroring customer setups. Test your software for compatibility and reliability.
3. Automated Deployments
Once your software is validated, deploy it automatically to customer-managed Kubernetes environments with confidence.
4. Scaling Made Easy
As your organization and customer base grow, handles auto-scaling and resource optimization to ensure seamless scaling.
5. Continuous Improvement supports ongoing updates and improvements, helping you and your team stay ahead in the competitive SaaS market.

Our Clients & Reviews

Problem: Old infrastructure was hard to manage as it was not fully described in code. What has been described didn’t match the real configuration.
Solution: The infrastructure has been transitioned under management. All working is done via infrastructure repository, ensuring exact correspondence of code to infrastructure.
Problem: Highload customer websites needed a new infrastructure with dynamic resource allocation, deployed on a cloud with affordable prices.
Solution: has been customized for working with DigitalOcean cloud provider. A dedicated template has been designed to deploy a fault-tolerant infrastructure for WordPress.
Problem: Backendless faced the challenge of adapting a platform for a growing number of enterprise customers utilizing public cloud services.
Solution: The templating solution enabled the Backendless team to swiftly deploy their enterprise SaaS in customers' cloud accounts while integrating seamlessly with the company’s essential services.
Ewa finance
Ewa finance
Problem: Each project needed a separate infrastructure for prod, dev and stage, with the possibility to shut down dev and stage infras beyond working time to save costs.
Solution: We used one of the stack templates to replicate the environments. The template spins up fully provisioned infras in different AWS accounts and shuts them down when needed.

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