Effortlessly create fully-provisioned, production-ready environments from templates. Increase the efficiency of product development by providing your teams with a self-service platform that tackles all infrastructure management tasks.

Challenges and Solutions

Problem Solution
Developers overwhelmed by operational complexities. Modern cloud-native environments blur the boundaries between dev and ops. Developers get more involved in deploying and provisioning applications, which diverts them from core feature development.
Allow your developers to focus on what they excel most – writing code. empowers developers by freeing them from infrastructure complexities, and provides them with everything they need to deploy and test their code.
Lack of autonomy for product teams. Since product teams have no access to operating environments, this hinders their productivity in terms of delivering new features to customers.
We enable product teams to become more autonomous by providing a delivery platform for deploying and provisioning their applications, this way increasing the efficiency of the development process.
Complexity of DevOps tools. Assigned with operating tasks, developers face the necessity to learn new tools which could be hard to comprehend.
Being a GitOps tool, allows developers to easily manage application deployments and Kubernetes operation tasks with their familiar toolkit: by making PRs and commiting to a repository.
Disparate technologies. Seamlessly integrating technologies of different components becomes a challenge when using multiple tools.
Delivery platforms built from templates leverage technologies and tools that are already in use in the company, helping to consolidate them as a whole.
Drift of configuration across different environments. Developers and QAs need the ability to spawn temporary dev and test environments that would be identical to production infrastructure.
With infrastructure templates you can be sure that all your deployments are idempotent, ensuring the identity across environments.

Designed for Developers, by Developers

Platform-as-a-Service solution is designed for developers, thus being fully focused on their needs. A meticulously crafted platform serves as a catalyst, enabling your developers to:


  • Easily add and upgrade new microservices and infrastructure components, whether with or without CI/CD.
  • Swiftly provision new infrastructures and initial dataplanes, ensuring efficient project kick-offs.
  • Efficiently manage logs, metrics, and comprehensive alert coverage for uninterrupted services.
  • Establish robust permissions and security boundaries, safeguarding sensitive elements of your ecosystem.
  • Regularly update and test system components, ensuring agility and up-to-date functionality.
Shao Xia
CTO | Lotusflare
The platform's flexibility grants us full control over configurations and components, ensuring we stay at the forefront of technology. We've been utilizing this cutting-edge solution in production for over a year now, continuously aligning it with our needs.

Who Can Benefit from Our Solution?

Enterprise SaaS Providers:
For those delivering sophisticated software solutions to enterprises, our solution offers an unmatched advantage. It ensures quick and seamless deployment within customers' cloud accounts, empowering you to focus on your core product while leaving the complexities of deployment to us.
Software Vendors:
If your offerings include software that needs to be deployed along with the infrastructure, our solution is your answer. Whether you're catering to enterprises or small businesses, our streamlined deployment process ensures your software reaches its intended environment swiftly and with minimal effort.
Global Expansion Seekers:
If your business's growth strategy involves expanding into new geographic markets, our solution facilitates this with ease. Launch new AWS regions swiftly and efficiently, enhancing your global presence while maintaining consistent service quality.
Maintainers of Complex Systems:
Those who deal with intricate, interconnected systems will find our solution a game-changer.'s ability to manage complex interdependencies ensures that your deployment process is smooth and error-free, even in the most intricate of ecosystems.
Tech-Forward Enterprises:
Enterprises looking to stay at the forefront of technology can leverage our solution. Simplify and expedite the deployment of your in-house software and solutions, giving you an edge in delivering value to your teams and clients.
Cloud Service Providers:
If you're in the business of offering cloud services, our solution can be a valuable addition to your offering. Deliver the advantages of seamless software deployment to your clients, elevating your service portfolio.

Ready to get started?

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How does ensure the idempotency of deployments across different environments? achieves deployment idempotency by using standardized infrastructure templates. This ensures that each deployment, regardless of the environment, maintains identical configurations and properties, leading to consistent and predictable results.

Can integrate with existing enterprise CI/CD pipelines?

Yes, seamlessly integrates with any CI/CD solution, facilitating the code delivery workflow within an organization. It operates as a Docker container within a CI/CD pipeline, ensuring continuous reconciliation of manifests with the cluster’s actual state.

How does manage database integrations in its PaaS offerings? manages database integrations within its PaaS offerings by treating them as distinct infrastructure modules. These modules configure the database service and its associated endpoints, making them accessible for other services within the template, and for the data backup script.

What levels of customization are available for's PaaS templates?’s PaaS templates are highly customizable. Users can modify templates to fit specific project requirements, including technology stack adjustments, infrastructure configurations, and integration of unique company tools and services.

How does's GitOps approach enhance application deployment and management?

It does so by automating various tasks associated with the infrastructure repository, including reconciliation of manifests with the actual state of the cluster. Moreover, the GitOps methodology simplifies component upgrades, making it as straightforward as changing the component’s version tag in the template.

Can's PaaS handle multi-cloud deployments?

Absolutely. is designed for multi-cloud deployments. Having Terraform under the hood, it inherits the functionality of Terraform modules and supports deployments to different clouds enabling complex multi-cloud strategies.

How does ensure security and compliance in its PaaS offerings? emphasizes security by incorporating best practices within its templates. This includes features like default integration with secrets management solutions, segregation of team responsibilities, Git repository as a center of all infrastructure modifications, regular component security updates, easily auditable execution code, etc.

What monitoring and logging capabilities does provide in its PaaS solution? is natively integrable with the Grafana-Prometheus stack, which allows for monitoring of a wide range of performance metrics, both infrastructure- and application-specific. Also, it integrates with any kind of tools, open source or enterprise, to enable advanced logging, monitoring, and alerting capabilities.

Can's PaaS scale automatically based on application demand?

Sure. Integrating with a variety of cloud platforms, leverages their auto-scaling mechanisms to prevent performance issues. It can automatically adjust resources based on application demand, ensuring optimal performance during varying load conditions.