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Software Vendors

Improve your software adoption with’s templates. SaaS software vendors can now speed up development, reduce time-to-market, ensure compatibility, and enhance the user experience.

  • Create multi-cloud installer for your software
  • Simplify user journey to adopt and operate your product
  • Make distribution and version upgrade easy
  • Can be integrated with cloud-managed services Solves Multiple Problems for Software Vendors

Challenge Solution
Frictionless deployment of vendor's software: Complex business applications often require specific pre-configured infrastructure, which can be challenging for those customers lacking the necessary expertise and skills. infrastructure templates allow IT software vendors to seamlessly include infrastructure with their product, simplifying deployment for end users. Enable clients to swiftly deploy software on the necessary infrastructure, saving time and engineering effort on planning and implementation.
Scalability across diverse environments: Scaling software across various environments can be a complex process, involving the accurate prediction of resource requirements and adaptation to changing conditions.
Cloud software vendors can achieve seamless scalability across diverse environments through dynamic resource adjustments based on demand. automates resource allocation, allowing your software to effortlessly scale across various environments.
Infrastructure compatibility testing and validation: Compatibility of components is crucial for the consistent operation and performance of your systems. Requirement is to ensure infrastructure compatibility through rigorous testing and validation to prevent disruptions and downtime.
Roll out changes confidently while maintaining a high-quality user experience. enables B2B software vendors to check the interoperability of system components in a testing environment before propagating changes further.

How It Works

1. Unified Infrastructure Management provides a unified platform to manage, test, and validate complex infrastructures. Easily create, replicate, and scale your environments as needed.
2. Effortless Scalability
Ensure your software can scale to meet increasing demand without disruptions. allows you to dynamically allocate resources across various cloud providers.
3. Compatibility Testing
Swiftly spin up temporary environments to test infrastructure changes or check the interoperability of system components. Promote changes across environments with confidence, minimizing the risk of errors and disruptions.
4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction enables you to validate changes and maintain the compatibility of different components, ensuring a reliable and satisfying customer experience.

Our Clients & Reviews

Problem: Old infrastructure was hard to manage as it was not fully described in code. What has been described didn’t match the real configuration.
Solution: The infrastructure has been transitioned under management. All working is done via infrastructure repository, ensuring exact correspondence of code to infrastructure.
Problem: Highload customer websites needed a new infrastructure with dynamic resource allocation, deployed on a cloud with affordable prices.
Solution: has been customized for working with DigitalOcean cloud provider. A dedicated template has been designed to deploy a fault-tolerant infrastructure for WordPress.
Problem: Backendless faced the challenge of adapting a platform for a growing number of enterprise customers utilizing public cloud services.
Solution: The templating solution enabled the Backendless team to swiftly deploy their enterprise SaaS in customers' cloud accounts while integrating seamlessly with the company’s essential services.
Ewa finance
Ewa finance
Problem: Each project needed a separate infrastructure for prod, dev and stage, with the possibility to shut down dev and stage infras beyond working time to save costs.
Solution: We used one of the stack templates to replicate the environments. The template spins up fully provisioned infras in different AWS accounts and shuts them down when needed.

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