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29 Nov 2021
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Pulumi and Crossplane are modern alternatives to Terraform.These are great tools and we admire alternative views on infrastructure management.


What makes different is its purpose and limitations. Tools like Pulumi, Crossplane, and Terraform are aimed to manage clouds – creating new instances or clusters, cloud resources like databases, and others. While is designed to manage the whole infrastructure, including those tools as units. That means you can run Terraform, then run Pulumi, or Bash, or Ansible with variables received from Terraform, and then run Crossplane or something else. is created to connect and manage all infrastructure tools.


With infrastructure tools, users are often restricted with one-tool usage that has specific language or DSL. Whereas allows to have a limitless number of units and workflow combinations between tools.


For now has a major support for Terraform only, mostly because we want to provide the best experience for the majority of users. Moreover, Terraform is a de-facto industry standard and already has a lot of modules created by the community. To read more on the subject please refer to vs. Terraform section.


If you or your company would like to use Pulumi or Crossplane with, please feel free to contact us.

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