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How Backendless Achieved Swift and Seamless Installation

25 Sep 2023
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Backendless is a United States-based company specializing in providing services that enable no-code development of mobile applications. Its self-named platform encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools for constructing both the frontend and backend parts, enabling Backendless customers to transform their concepts into reality without the necessity of coding skills.


The Backendless platform is a highly-demanded service whose clientele ranges from small startups to major corporations. The company provides its services mostly on a SaaS model within the Backendless Cloud. It is also possible to install the Backendless software on a server in a customer’s infrastructure to use it locally.

However, with the increasing adoption of public cloud by enterprises, more businesses want to keep their customers’ data isolated, with data safety becoming the main factor that prompts enterprise customers to deploy SaaS on their side instead of sharing it with other cloud tenants. As a result, Backendless recognized the necessity of enabling the installation of its software within their customers’ cloud accounts.

Furthermore, the company aspired to make its software as easily installable as possible. Their ideal scenario involved a streamlined process that would enable swift and trouble-free installation on the customer’s end through a single command.

Additionally, Backendless had another imperative: the company needed to swiftly launch environments in new AWS regions in targeted geographical areas in order to be closer to their customers around the globe. However, this posed a technical challenge as the company’s infrastructure wasn’t codified. Replicating stack configurations manually was a non-starter as it involved a labor-intensive and error-prone process.


Having assessed various contractors for the assignment, Backendless ultimately opted for SHALB. The company had previously been one of our customers and had highly appreciated the quality of our services. So when the need for assistance arose once more, they didn’t hesitate to contact us.

The tasks assigned to us by Backendless included:

  • Developing a solution that would enable quick and easy deployment of their enterprise SaaS on the customer’s side.
  • Integrating the solution within the complex Backendless system.
  • Providing the Backendless team with the ability to swiftly launch infrastructures in new AWS regions.



Working on the project, our team crafted a codified solution based on The infrastructure installer enables the rapid deployment of a fully-provisioned AWS infrastructure with an EKS cluster. This cluster comes pre-configured with the customer’s software suite, including databases and workloads, along with the set up, monitoring, and logging stacks.

The infrastructure installer met all the requirements to deal with the challenges faced by the Backendless team, in particular:

  • It enables a single click installation of a copy of Backendless software in the cloud accounts of its customers.
  • It facilitates faster deployments, since allows saving time on resource validation performed by Terraform before every change.
  • It is ideal for managing large complex systems like that of Backendless, as is designed to create, manage, and keep track of relations and dependencies between components.


According to Roman Progonnyj, the senior DevOps engineer involved in the project, the most challenging part was integrating the installer with the customer’s existing stack while aligning with its inner logic. This task required the creation of numerous connecting points that were devised through collaboration with the customer’s team.

To summarize; the SHALB team had to integrate several components and teach them how to work together seamlessly. For example, teach the Backendless workload to work with and perform additional functions such as creating domains and Ingress controllers in EKS using Kubernetes API, and enabling the Cert manager to access the domain zone in another account.

Accomplishing these tasks demanded a high degree of technical proficiency and close collaboration between the SHALB and Backendless teams.


After completion of the project, Backendless acquired a codified infrastructure installer that is seamlessly integrated with the company’s existing stack and aligns with its underlying logic. The solution enables fast and hassle-free deployment of Backendless SaaS on their customers’ cloud accounts. Moreover, it makes it technically possible for the company to quickly spin up and shut down infrastructures in new AWS regions on demand.

Overall, collaboration with SHALB brought Backendless the following benefits:

  • Super-fast and frictionless start for its customers
  • Seamless installation of Backendless SaaS into a customer’s cloud account
  • Compliance with enterprise-grade standards in terms of usability and data safety
  • Increased customer loyalty due to low code approach and ease of management


Employing as an infrastructure installer for SaaS applications helps vendors provide excellent service for their customers.

Our specialists are ready to create an installer for you and become a part of your company’s initiative. Feel free to book the call or contact us at for more information. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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