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SHALB at bAWSton User Group meetup

18 Jul 2022
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On 16th of June our CTO Volodymyr Tsap took part in the bAWSton User Group meetup with the speech “ DevOps Platform Framework”. The presentation included basic concepts of and a quick demo. is an infrastructure management tool that has been developed by SHALB – the DevOps company that Volodymyr Tsap is a CTO and a cofounder of. The tool embodies all the experience that SHALB team has accumulated over the years of building infrastructures of different complexity levels.

In his speech Volodymyr Tsap outlined the basic idea of and explained the challenges that it helps to address. was created in tune with the growing demand of IT companies to build their own infrastructure platforms. It allows to integrate previously disconnected tools into a single whole and makes them work as one. By providing common infrastructure patterns solves most of the problems that platform teams come across, such as infrastructure congruence, replication and testing. In a quick demo that wrapped up the presentation Volodymyr Tsap took one of the prepared templates to launch a K3s infrastructure on AWS – a fully provisioned cluster, with just a single command.

The bAWSton User Group is an open community created to discuss various aspects of Amazon Web Services (AWS), from development, standards, networks, and up to marketing and business opportunities. The group has regular meetings and a tech-savvy audience that comes mostly from the DevOps field.

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